Water Filtration & Injection Wells

Like the many custom improvements you may be familiar with on the other services we offer, Legend has also produced ways to optimize the process of water filtration and the construction of injection wells.
Legend Services offers a standalone water filtration unit which comes standard with all stainless plumbing and a trailer mount so it is stand alone and requires minimal set up. There is no downtime for bag replacement so clients can save considerable amounts of time on both man hours and productivity.
The larger water filtration units offered by Legend have the capability of pumping 50 barrels of water every minute. Legend Services also keeps filter bags on hand making these hard to find items accessible and available at a great price savings. Legend has also constructed water troughs with mounted racks allowing the bags to dry without leaving a wet mess of collected waste.
LSI provides a dry prime pump (self-priming), so when the water level has dropped below the truck you don’t have to add a second pump in line to heat the water.
Legend Services offers waste disposal at its location off of mile marker 36, south of Rock Spring on highway 430 at a competitive price and they operate 24/7 for your convenience.
Learn more by contacting Legend Services at (307) 362-7571 or email sales@legendserviceswy.com