Frac Heating (Heating on Demand)

Legend Services has developed equipment for methods that make the fracking process much less demanding. The industrial size frac heaters built completely in house allow for high volumes of water to be increased in temperature by 50 to 60 degrees at the rate of 48 barrels of water a minute allowing the water to reach the required temperature in less time.
Legend Services equipment is able to pre-heat the water faster and keep the water flow and temperate consistent all day. Apart from efficiency Legend Services has managed to save customers nearly twice the number in fuel cost by developing propane operated units as opposed to the traditional diesel operated units.
In addition to the cut back on costs and man hours Legend has an auto shutoff feature which triggers anytime there is any difference in pressure or variance. Legend also features a Self Priming pump, again saving you man hours and productivity.
Aside from the frac heaters themselves Legend Services uses a 110 volt rate meter. Every 60 seconds the rate meter records the inlet temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate through the unit. This allows for the information to be downloaded onto an excel worksheet in order to see exactly what is going on with the unit on a day to day basis. The new rate meters being used by Legend Services, unlike the conventional meters, have no moving parts and is all electrical and since every Legend Services trucks has an onboard generator there is no need for an outside source of power.
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