Crane Service & Rentals

Legend Services provides several pieces of equipment necessary for hydraulic fracturing. Cranes and boom trucks are both available.
Legend maintains the highest quality equipment for a large selection of top performing cranes and boom trucks. Legend Services provides operators that are all NCCCO (National Commission Certification Crane Operator) certified. Legend can also boast a perfect safety record as a company and places the highest importance on maintaining safe practices.
Boom trucks use only a series of hydraulic segments but are limited in reach and capacity to a crane. These are sometimes referred to as knuckle booms. Boom trucks may articulate different segments to make them maneuver in awkward places, Boom trucks can also be fitted for lifting people, like service trucks. 
Cranes use cables and winches to operate lift and direction as well as to reach in or out, and their boom cannot articulate in segments and are made to be more rigid.
To check availability or schedule your crane or boom truck today, contact Legend Services at (307) 362-7571 or email